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Gijón wants to be more 'Smart'


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The consulting company Indra issues its initial diagnosis of Gijón as 'Smart City'
Gijon continues to take resolute steps to effectively become a smart city: this means the development of intelligent services to the citizenship, involving improvements in such diverse areas as e-government, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency in the use of equipment and infrastructure, emission reduction and quality of life.

The deployment of the WiFi network accessible in public spaces, the widespread use of the citizen card by more than 85% of the population, the fleet of electric cars shared by the municipal staff, the project of the Empresa Municipal de Aguas (Municipal Water Company) for an efficient management of leaks in the supply network (In-pipe system), implemented measures in municipal buildings for energy savings, and other actions performed in the vicinity of the Milla del Conocimiento (Knowledge Mille) - like the Ecomilla projects and their continuity, Labcitycar, the active participation in the intelligent energy Europe project CASCADE or the installation of photovoltaic elements in the main building of the Science and Technology Park, are good examples of the way forward.

Furthermore, Gijón is at the national forefront when it comes to eGovernment. Proof of this is the prize that the office Te-Crea has recently garnered in the Interoperability and Security National Congress, as a national benchmark project, and its inclusion as a pilot project by the Government for the Platform Emprende en 3 to improve and speed up the formalities to set up a company.

Another good example of the work done in this field, is the accessibility that any citizen can have to the Open data generated (in the portal there are 187 of them available and upgradeable), added to the boost that is being done in this field with the celebration of the Open Data Gijón Festival, of which the first edition has already been held. Finally, note the 10 point mark in transparency obtained by our City Council late last year in the national ranking, which places us among the ten more transparent city councils of Spain.

Within all this global strategy involving all municipal services, designed to consolidate Gijón as a smart city, in November we joined the Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes (RECI) (The Spanish Network of Smart Cities), which includes 25 cities of our country with a very clear objective: to share experiences and work together to develop a sustainable management model and improve the quality of life of citizens through the composition of 5 working groups focused on Social Innovation, Energy, Environment, infrastructure and human habitability (to which we belong ) urban Mobility and Government, economy and business.

Finally, note another step in the same direction: the signing of the Covenant of Mayors, signed by Gijón City Council in 2011. It is the main European movement involving local and regional authorities that have voluntarily committed to exceed the EU target of 20% reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2020, committing to develop a baseline Inventory of Carbon Emissions and an Action Plan for sustainable Energy.

The diagnosis by Indra proposes, in the short to medium term, the creation of an inventory containing waste, traffic, lighting, green areas and geo-referenced buildings maps on a single platform to achieve a more efficient and dynamic management of the resources available.